2018 season overview - essex archers

The start of the season was a perfect 8 and 0.

The team started with three pitching wins, and the infield was performing to a high standard keeping errors to an all-time low, setting the table for the standard for the rest of the season.

Team morale was at an all-time high, everyone contributed to the early season success and winning streak.

The Archers then went into their first losing skid of the season, in a game that showed how much togetherness, team spirit and never say die attitude that the Archers had started to possess. Even in defeat, so many positives came out of the game.

The Archers got back to winning ways in a help yourself slug fest, bringing the W back in a 39-23 win. Hits all around with RBIs being the name of the game. Notably a brilliant 4-6-3 double play when the bases were loaded, instigated by a part-time second baseman.

The Archers would go into the last game of the regular season with a scheduled double header. With all tie-break records, it was vital to win the last two games to give ourselves the best chance possible of reaching the playoffs. Our opponent had to forfeit one of the games due to not having enough pitching, meaning the Archers had one game to win.
The Archers achieved that feat by winning 24-14.

Essex Archers where named Division Winners and advanced to the playoffs!

The 2018 playoffs

The Archers found themselves travelling north to Derbyshire for a showdown with Long Eaton Storm, winners of the Central Division. A big group bonding session as eleven Archers stayed the night in Derby, where merriment as plentiful, and a great time was had by all.

Ultimately, a very experienced and strong Storm side beat the Archers by a final score of 19-9.

If you gave the Archers a playoff game at the start of the season, hands would have been bitten off. The Archers may have lost, but so much was learned and the experience will hold this group of Archers in good stead moving forward.

A great achievement and effort by all involved over the course of the fourteen-game season, and only good things will continue to happen for the Archers come the 2019.